Our Family 2014

Our Family 2014

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Met my handsome boy!

Met my handsome boy!

To say that I am head over heals for one precious little boy would be an understatement. He has stolen my heart and keeps it safely in his pocket ;)

On Monday I was finally able to meet my new son (prayerfully, he will be our son legally and officially before too long). He is absolutely precious. I am truly impressed with how he seems to grasp the concept of getting a mama and being taken home. I assume he has seen this happen for others and had many questions. He is quite inquisitive.

I am surprised how much he really does seem to be his age (he is 5). I am sure he is delayed in multiple areas but overall he seems like a typical 5 year old. He is very sweet, silly, and so far, only slightly insistent at times, but is quick to obey when redirected.  I have him say "please" and "thank you" (in Russian) and he does it. No manners, no reward but that's not been an issue. Just establishing proper behavior from the beginning because it will only make things harder for him later if I wait until I bring him home then change things up on him.

His Cerebral Palsy is pretty mild and appears to only affect his feet and ankles. He will need some forearm crutches and AFOs (braces), I'm pretty sure but I think the forearm crutches will not be for a long time. He walks on his tippy toes and not completely stable...sweet baby boy's nose is all scuffed up from falling. I just want him to be safe.

It is so incredible how God hand picks each person in our family, whether by birth or adoption. He really seems to be the perfect match for us. His personality and his special needs.

He likes to take things apart and then to try and put them pack together again over and over. He saw one of the groundskeepers sitting in the grass fixing the weed wacker (sp?) and he was oh so interested. He wanted to watch him and ask questions. I think Papa is going to have a little buddy following him around :)

He has taken such an interest in my iPhone that I decided to bring the toy phone I brought over, from my apartment to him to play with. I had bought a variety of toys since I had no idea how old the child or children we would be adopting were. The toy phone is probably advertised for babies 6-8 months old but he loves pressing the buttons and listening to the music. I tried tossing the beach ball with him today for a little bit but he kept stopping to push the buttons on the toy phone to keep the music playing. So I put music on my iPhone and he thought it was so cool how it kept playing music. I decided during our break (I am allowed to visit twice a day during specific hours) To download some Wee Worship music. I think he will really enjoy that.

Well, my stay has been extended another week but thankfully God has provided the funds for me to be able to do that and make the necessary changes to my return ticket home. I miss being with my family at home but also know it will be hard leaving my baby boy as I return home to wait for court. I'm not sure anything will feel completely right until we are all home together.

Can't wait to be able to post pictures; his precious little face will melt your heart.

I am blessed!

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