Our Family 2014

Our Family 2014

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Headed Back For My Boy!

The past week has been anything but boring. We were first assigned a judge that insisted that adoption as a "married single" would not be possible. Of course that is incorrect and we have all of the approvals to support this but it was evident that this particular judge was not going to budge. We then heard that all the judges in this particular district would say the same...thankfully that was incorrect. We have now been assigned a judge who is willing to hold the hearing and has agreed to schedule it quickly, as soon as we have the central approval in hand.

Speaking of the central approval, the law states they have 10 business days to complete this but apparently they have been taking a few days longer. With this knowledge we have planned for me to travel early next week to hopefully have a court date by the end of the week!

God is so awesome! It really was looking like a good possibility that we would have to wait an additional 2-3 weeks for court and that my husband would have to travel for the hearing. I was feeling discouraged knowing that there are so many things I wanted to be home for with our new little guy starting in July. Praise God this now seems very possible again!

However, I do have a friend in-country right now who has been waiting WELL OVER the 10-business days for her central approvals. There is a rumor that this problem may possibly be related to adoptions of older "healthy" children, which our little guy is not, but there is always a possibility that these delays could happen to us as well. We must continue to pray.

Having thought I would end up having to wait a few more weeks, I have been very chill about preparing to leave again, as far as making and freezing up meals for my family in my absence. That takes a LOT of work. Somehow I need to figure this out again, though I do not see a full uninterrupted day ahead of me before I fly. :(

Tomorrow I will head to the Secretary of State Office for apostilles. I never enjoy doing this 1.5 hour trek to the state capitol, hanging for 15-30 mins, then making the 1.5 trek back, and then rushing to the DHL office. There are 2 documents that need to get a head start to my little guy's country for the adoption process.

So my flights are booked and I am continuing to move forward in faith...but we still need 12K to do this. What is left in our adoption bank account will last me no more than 2 days! Of course 10K of that needs to be ordered from the bank in advance in clean, crisp bills; this means that we need the money NOW. I wish I could say that I am joyfully, skipping forward in faith, totally trusting, but it's not so easy. I have anxiety that is currently causing me a throbbing headache. Please pray for God's complete provision!

God willing, by this time next week I will be sleeping peacefully (I hope) in my little guy's hometown; perhaps just a few hours later I will head over to see my little guy and hug & kiss him like we've been apart for year! And maybe, just maybe, by the end of the week, he will officially be my son!! Please God, make the way!

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